HR Policy

HR Manual

What is an HR policy?

A well-structured HR Policy allows employees to understand the rules of working for the organization. It acts as a guide or a framework to govern employee relations. HR Policies and Procedures help managers and employees understand the expectations of the organization and prevent misunderstandings while working together in the same premises.

Need for HR policy:

  • Gives a clear understanding of company expectations.
  • Sets proper communication amongst employees.
  • Clears queries about benefits and policies.
  • Builds up trust.
  • Helps foresee growth in one's career.
Process of issuance of Offer Letter:

  • HR mails the soft copy of the Letter of Intent to the candidate.
  • Candidate replies with his / her confirmation on mail.
  • Candidate submits or mails the relevant documents.
Documents for Offer letter:

An employee has to submit the following documents at the time of joining to procure the offer letter:

  • Age proof & Address Proof.
  • Highest Qualification Certificate.
  • Four Copies of Photographs.
  • Experience Certification of previous job.
  • Personal Bank Account Details.
HR issues offer letter to the candidate:


Your compensation package offered to you shall be kept strictly confidential.

Failing to report for duty on the said date, the offer automatically stands withdrawn.

Your office timing will be as per the HR Policy, if you are late for 3 days it will be considered having taken one day leave.

You will be entitled to holidays as per holiday list of the company. The company can terminate your services with 15 days of notice or basic salary for the same period in lieu of it. If you wish to resign from the company, you have to serve a notice period of 15 working days. Failing which, you will not be eligible to get your pending salary, any Incentives and Release letter.

You will be entitled to Mobile Allowances, coherent to the Company policies.

You have to submit your Following Documents at the time of joining or within seven days of your joining:

Qualitative performance, Target Orientation is going to be the deciding factors in the future. The company accepts that you will upgrade your skills and knowledge accordingly.

Your Appointment letter with the Annexure will be given to you within a month from the date of joining.

You are advised to maintain the decorum in the office premises as per the rules of Orion Edutech.

You have to get a "No objection certificate (NOC)"from Orion Edutech, if you join any other center (Own / Franchisee) / Department within 1 year of leaving the organization.

Your job confirmation will be given either after six months from the date of joining or based on your performance, as the company may deem fit.

Looking forward to a long and happy association.

Thanks & Regards
Director / AVP
Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd.


I have read this letter and fully understood the terms and conditions. I accept the same without any reservations.

Signature: ________________________


Name: ____________________________

Note: The relevant documents produced by the individual must be authentic. If those are found false / incorrect on verification, the employee's selection would be nullified without notice.

Appointment letter:

Appointment letter with the Annexure is issued within a month and a half from the date of joining with the approval of the respective reporting authority.

Probation and confirmation:

Employees are liable for probation of 6 months. They are entitled for their confirmation after a service of 6 months, based on their performance and feedback of their reporting authority.


Our employees get the yearly appraisal benefit based on the performance and feedback of their reporting authority.


  • Attendance Logic:

Daily login less than 4hrs – Will be marked as Absent.

Daily login between 4hrs to 6hrs – Will be marked as Half Day.

Daily login above 6hrs – Will be marked as Full day.

  • Attendance:

Link for downloading the app in android phone shall be provided to the employees. Please note that for employees who do not have android phones and cannot download the app, can mark their attendance in the same through their desktop by logging into the URL. Details shall be provided accordingly.

  • Group Insurance:

Group Accidental Insurance is also entitled to every employees of the organization from the 1st date of His/Her Joining.

As per our company policies, an employee whether he/she is a permanent or non- permanent, has to serve a notice period of min. of 1 month (as per Designation)In the notice period an employee has to be present every day and no leave is entertained within this period.

  • Late Policy:

The office timing will be as per the HR Policy, if an employee is late for 3 days in a month it will be considered as one day leave.

  • Leave and Leave Encashment Policy:

All confirmed employees are entitled for taking 16 leaves per year, divided as 4 leaves per quarter, segregated as 2 casual and 2 paid leaves. Paid leaves are encashed by end of each quarter.

Any leave should be approved by senior/s through mail (preferable) before one day; if emergency, SMS approval may be accepted (not more than 40% of total leaves) at least before one hour of actual starting time otherwise the leave will be counted as unapproved leave. 1 unapproved / uninformed leave = 2 Approved leaves.

Any leave / holiday which is covered by two holidays / leaves before and after will also be considered as leave.

If an employee works on a Sunday for an emergency reason, is entitled for a complementary off inclusive of the salary. He / she has to avail himself / herself of the leave in next 1 month.

Pending leaves will be encashed with the completion of the financial year.

Employee Referral:

Rs.1000/- as Employee Referral is endorsed for the Employees.

Dress Code:

Formal attire for Monday to Friday & casual attire for Saturday.

Employee Transfer Policy:

At the sole discretion of the company, an employee will be liable for being transferred / deputed from one place to another anywhere in India or abroad and / or from one department to another or from one establishment to another and / or to any other concern including to any of the Company's affiliates, associates, group companies and / or entities in which the Company may be having any interest whether existing or which may be set up in future.
An employee will also have to work, if required, for the Company's affiliates / associates / group companies. The salary and emoluments mentioned herein cover your services for Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd, as well as for any of its affiliates / associates / group company.

Office Accommodation Policy:

Only the office employee can avail himself / herself of the office accommodation. Family & friends of employees are not entitled for the same. Employees should not consume any alcohol or any kind of drugs in the office accommodation.

Life @ Orion:

Being an ISO 9001:2015, we follow certain rules and regulations that befit the standard. However, our endeavor is to go further and create the perfect ambience for productivity. We always encourage our employees to bring out the creativity in them. Working with us, therefore, is a privilege for anybody who loves freedom at work.


Employees are our primary customers. We leave no stones unturned to keep them happy in our organisation. We believe in retention and growth for each of our employees.

Equal Opportunity and workforce diversity:

We strongly believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to perform and prosper. Working at Orion is, therefore, the perfect platform for everybody to grow in a working environment free from any discrimination. We strongly believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to perform and prosper. Working at Orion is, therefore, the perfect platform for everybody to grow in a working environment free from any discrimination. Our commitment to non-discrimination and workforce diversity has shaped all our employment related decisions. Our efficient Human Resource Department always keeps a vigil on the implementation and maintenance of our policies and they are prompt to act if the slightest discrepancy is found.

Standards of Conduct:

It is the policy of Orion that all employees and members of Orion must act with fundamental honesty and integrity in all the company dealings, comply with all laws that govern our organization, maintain an ethical and professional work environment, and abide by all our company policies. It also requires that our members and employees refrain from behavior that is contradictory to our core values like Dignity, Accountability, Integrity, Growth, Professionalism and Diversity. Strong corrective measures are taken in case of any breach in policy.

Compensation Model

We follow the established salary structure of the industry. The competitive compensation package of Orion is actually determined while keeping certain factors in view. An employee joining Orion Edutech gets the best compensation models based on the following parameters:

  • Job Description
  • Competitive salary ratio for similar job
  • Market scenario
  • Experience of the individual
  • Current Pay Package
  • Performance of the individual
  • Performance of the company
  • Performance of the team
  • Inflation
  • External and internal parity

Employer's Provident Fund:

  • Our employees whose CTC is up to Rs.3,60,000 p.a enjoys the benefits of Provident Fund.

Employee State Insurance Corporation:

  • Our employees are also entitled for ESI:

    • Employee's contribution: 1.75% of basic

    • Employer's contribution: 4.75% of basic

  • TDS is deducted from the compensation above Rs. 2.5 lakhs per annum.

Provisional Tax:
  • All our employees' compensation is subject to the deduction of Provisional Tax.

Legends :

You will be entitled to leave, holidays and other service benefits as per the rules of the Company as amended from time to time, after completion of your probation period. All confirmed employees are entitled to take 16 leaves per year, which are divided as 4 leaves per quarter segregated as 2 casual and 2 Paid leaves. Paid leaves will be enchased by end of each quarter. Any leave which is covered by two holidays before and after will not be considered as leave and vice versa.

The mode of transportation & the cost of transportation have to be updated regularly on the FMS System:

Legends :

G stands for Global Roles i.e. AVP and above.
Z stands for Zonal Roles i.e. AGM and GM.
R stands for Regional Roles i.e. Manager to Regional Manager to Team Leaders.
A stands for Area Roles i.e. Executives.

  • Leave during the tour is not permissible.
  • All tours must be approved from reporting authority prior to travel.
  • The amount given above is a guideline and not an entitlement.
  • DA is not available if returning to base place on the same day.
  • Payments for tour expenses, including Hotel will be settled directly by the employee.
  • Accommodation must be shared wherever possible, if more than 1 employee is travelling together.
  • Bills need to be provided. Where the bill is not available, self-declaration need to be submitted.
  • In case any expenses are sponsored by the vendors/Business Partner, shall not be allowed as a claim.
  • Outstation Travel Expenses Statement must be submitted to the reporting authority for approval, immediately upon return from tour. If the TA bill is not submitted within 10 days of returning from Journey then the company will not be liable to reimburse the same and the T.A. Advance taken would be deducted from the salary.
  • Airfare is available if the journey is more than 18 hours by train.
  • 3T AC is available only if the journey is of more than 12 hours else sleeper class.
  • Travelling by bike will be reimbursed @ Rs. 1.25 per km.

**Mobile limit is a guideline, not an entitlement, the supporting must be given at the time of claim.
FMS T.A. Updating:

The mode of transportation & the cost of transportation have to be updated regularly on the FMS System: Once T.A. is updated on the system and approved of by the next level management, he / she gets it reimbursed within a week.


Employees who complete one year with us also enjoy the benefits of bonus which is 5% of basic or Rs. 20000 whichever is less, during the Durga Puja.


On completion of the probation period of 6 months our employees are entitled for Mediclaim with a coverage of Rs. 2 Lakhs from Heritage Health.

  • In case of delivery, coverage of Rs. 30000 and Rs. 15000 would be given for Caesarean and Normal case respectively
  • The employee's spouse, children and parents are relevant for the benefit.

Resignation / Termination:
  • As per our company policies, an employee whether he / she is a permanent or nonpermanent, has to serve a notice period of 15 days. In the notice period an employee has to be present every day and no leave is entertained within this period.
  • Company can also terminate an employee without notice in case of integrity issue and sexual harassment.

Full and Final Settlement:

The employee who resigns or gets terminated needs to fill up the form of F & F on the last working day. The employee gets his/ her release letter and money in a span of 48 hours.

West Bengal
Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir

We believe in working with fun culture. Our employees are immensely satisfied and happy with the fun loving atmosphere of the organization. Celebration at the premises is normally relevant to the state. However, at HO, we celebrate Saraswati Puja, Holi, Dhanteras and New Year's Eve. Other team parties are also celebrated depending upon sudden decisions. Celebration for birthdays after office hours is a special attraction here.

Code of Ethics:
  • Sexual Harassment:

We, at Orion Edutech, are committed to promoting a working environment that emphasizes equality of opportunity and freedom from fear of harassment for all its members, and are particularly keen on empowering our women colleagues to create an atmosphere where all can work with dignity. It ensures that we have a workplace free of sexual harassment.

The Sexual Harassment Protest Committee consists of the Director (Mr. Sanjeev Kothari), Director-HR & Operations (Mr. Deepraj Paul), VP- Orion ContentGrill (Ms. Ritashree Majumdar), Ms. Mehak Saraf (AGM) & Asst. Manager Recruitment (Mr. Suman Ghosh).

  • Our policy on gender equality strictly prohibits all members from engaging in unwelcome sexual conduct or sexual overtures - visual, verbal, or physical. All our employees must refrain from being indulged in such offense towards members, customers, vendors or anyone else.
  • The policy covers all regular employees, probationers, contract employees and all staff of Orion Edutech.

Detailed process when a complaint is received

When a complaint is received, the following steps are followed:

  • Step 1: complaint is reported to the LOB Head
    • Step 2: LOB Head obtains and records full, step-by-step account of the incident/s
      • Step 3: ascertain the complainant's preferred outcome, e.g. an apology, the behavior to cease, a change in working arrangements
        • Step 4: agrees on the next step: informal resolution or formal investigationli.
          • Step 5: keeps a confidential record of all details of this discussion and subsequent steps in the process.
            • Step 6: presents the detailed report to the sexual harassment committee
              • Step 7: The committee analyses the facts and takes appropriate actions based on the evidence, i.e. informal resolution or formal investigation

              The sexual committee consists of the Director, (Mr Sanjeev Kothari) Director – HR & Operations (Mr. Deepraj Paul),VP- L & D-(Ms Ritashree Majumdar), Ms Mehak Saraf(NSDC Coordinator) & Manager-Recruitment (Ms Manjari Singh)

              Resolution Process (Process flow):

              Based on the intensity of the act, Resolution process may be determined

              • Informal Resolution
              • Formal Resolution
              Informal resolution:

              Where a complainant has chosen informal resolution, following are the steps that the reporting authority abides by:

              • Informs the alleged harasser of the complaint and provide an opportunity to respond
              • Ensures both parties understand their rights and responsibilities under the organization's policy
              • If possible, mediatesan outcome that is satisfactory for the complainant
              • Ensures that confidentiality is maintained
              • Follows up to ensure the behavior does not re-occur.

              Formal resolution:

              If a formal investigation is requested by the complainant, or if an informal resolution fails, the sexually harassed victim escalates the matter to the Director of the organization, the processes are:

              • Interviews all directly concerned, separately
              • Interview witnesses, separately
              • Keeps records of the interviews and investigation
              • Ensures confidentiality
              • In such a case, determines appropriate action, which may include a change of duties for the harasser, change to working arrangements or, where the incidents were frequent and / or severe, dismissal
              • Checks to ensure the action meets the needs of the complainant and the organization.

              Grievance Redressal Policy:


              • The primary objective of grievance redressal policy is to ensure healthy employer, employee relationships. This would ensure improved productivity and efficiency in the organization and also result in strengthening team spirit among all members to perform and achieve the goal of the organization


              • The policy covers all regular employees, probationers, contract employees and all staff of Orion Edutech

              Detailed process when a complaint is received

              • When a complaint is received, the following steps are followed:
              Grievance Redressal Procedure (Process Flow)
              • Step 1: Aggrieved employee submits grievance to reporting head
              • Step 2: Reporting head to resolve the issue in three working days
              • Step 3: If not solved by reporting manager, forwarded to location HR who should resolve the issue within 7 days of receipt of the grievance
              • Step 4: If location HR cannot resolve then forwarded to AVP HR
              • Step 5: If the aggrieved employee is not satisfied, he / she can appeal to the director. The decision of the Director is final

              An aggrieved employee submits his / her grievance to his immediate reporting head. The reporting head resolves it within 3 working days of receipt of the grievance and reverts to the employee. In case it is not solved, it is forwarded to the respective location HR who tries to redress the grievance at his / her level within 7 days of receipt of the grievance. In case the grievance is not resolved, HR forwards it to AVP-HR who accordingly gives his recommendation and comments within three days. If the employee is not satisfied with the decision he / she has the option for an appeal to the Director. The decision of the Director is the final decision.)

              Drugs and Alcohol:
              • Orion Edutech Private Limited strictly prohibits the use of drugs and / or alcohol in the workplace and in the official accommodation provided. All our members and employers must be in a clear and conscious state of mind during work hours.
              Privacy of records:
              • We provide utmost importance to the maintenance of privacy of personal information of every employee of Orion. We have well defined policies that protect such information from other employees and members. Nobody is allowed to access our employee database without prior permission from the authorities.
              • Our employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of any information and processes of the organisation. They must not reveal any piece of information about their organisation to any external party without permission from the management. Violation of confidentiality of the organisation is subject to taking strict action against the employee and that can be termination also.
              • Strict offence as sexual harassment, illegal measures taken, theft, physical violence, tampering organizational confidentiality and so on are liable for stringent action against the individual and also termination of the individual depending upon the level of offence.
              • Be punctual.
              • Put biometric (HO Employee) and ERP attendance (Those who are travelling) without deviation.
              • Dangle employee Identity card during working hours / in the work premises..
              • Switch off your computer before you leave for the day.
              • Basic cleanliness of your workstation.
              • Wear decent clothes.
              • Be clean shaven.
              • Care for the company's assets.
              • Do not use abusive language in the office premises.
              • Do not eat non-veg in the office premises & do not roam about in the office premises.
              • Do not indulge in physical harassment of any employee.
              • Do not indulge in violence or theft.
              • Do not smoke in the office premises.
              • Breakage of company's assets will be subjugated to compensation by the culprit / doer.
              • All clauses are subject to amendments and alterations with the discretion of the directors.