Hello my name is BiswajitHalder and I live in Barasat I live in a small family with my parents, wife and my only son My brothers dont stay with us simply because they dont want to take my parents responsibility I was not well established and the responsibility fell on my fathers shoulders I wandered here and there for a job but nothing worked out well One day I came to know about Orion Edutech and the free training provided under the PMKVY scheme With the hope of getting a proper job after the training I visited Barasat center There councillor mam told me about the various courses provided I thought Assistant Electrician course would be a good choice It was three month training where I got to learn about electrical wiring for household, industrial safety, PPE, Staircase connection and many more from Sudipta sir The training was very effective and in a day or 2 after completing the course I was send for an interview at Urban Clap I was nervous but the center provided me mock interview sessions to groom myself and also increase my confidence level I cracked the interview and my salary is 15,000